Lighting Your Garden to Enhance Your Landscape

A garden is a beautiful place to spend some time regardless of whether it is during the day or night. It could be a garden full of hedges, flowers or other plants. One way that you can lift its appearance and the feeling you get by just looking at it is by using the appropriate lighting. The lighting should also be well set.

Light it properly

Most people do not feel comfortable when they are in the dark and you will notice that not many people will go to the garden at night if it is not well lit. Lighting the borders, pathways, and boundaries will make people feel more at ease, comfortable and safe.

Lit the Garden Vertically

A natural, beautiful and effective way to light the garden is doing it vertically. This means that the garden is light from above and below not just over. Some lighting fixtures can be hung on the tall plants, on the fence and even on the walls. This helps in lighting almost every part of the garden giving an illusion of the sunlight.

Use LED Lights

LED lights are considered the best when it comes to outdoor lighting. They do not attract insects and they offer bright light that is sufficient in the garden. The string lights are a perfect option for any garden as they are ideal for borders, fences, and walls. Lights that can use either solar power batteries will save you money.

Install Insect-Resistant Lights

The main purpose of lighting the garden is ensuring that it has sufficient light. This might not be the case when you use some lighting fixtures especially the blue ones. They tend to attract insects which will inhibit the light and it can be annoying while sitting there. You can avoid this by having a blue light some distance from the garden where the insects will concentrate on.

For a garden to give specific landscape effects at night, and for people to feel safe while there, it must be well lit. It should be lit vertically, the paths and the fence should be lit, LED lights installed, the light should be sufficient and insect-resistant lights installed. It is also important that the lighting fixtures are kept safe from pets and people. When proper lighting is installed, it will give the illusion of the morning sun and one will feel more comfortable.