Things to consider when extending Your Home

Many homeowners consider extending their home for some reasons. Some feel that the house has become smaller and they can do with more space while others just want to create extra rooms. This is better than having to move to a bigger house. There is money involved, time and specific codes that must be adhered to. Hiring a certified contractor and the right equipment such as scaffolding hire will make things easier for you. 

  • Think Practically

You are adding more space to your home. As much as this is what you want, you should do it practically. An extra room may require extra bathroom or staircase and it will need furnishing. Put everything into consideration to ensure that the added space will be as comfortable as planned. 

  • Consider Your Budget

You cannot extend your home without enough resources for that matter. Without sufficient resources, you will end up not finishing the project. The amount you pay depends on the standard of specification and the higher it is, the more you will pay. It also makes sense to get a quotation from the contractor so as to plan better. 

  • The Permitted Planning Regulations

Every city has its specific development rights that must be followed. This is a must do otherwise you will not have peace of mind as the construction continues and it will not be possible to complete the project. The authorities will not allow a project that does not follow the planning regulations to be completed. Don’t assume that the same rules your neighbor used last year are the same in place now. Seek advice from the relevant office before you can start the project. 

  • The Building Regulations 

This is a must whether you are constructing a new home or you are extending your old home. The contractor that you hire must be able to follow these regulations to the letter. It simply means that the construction meets the laid out design and standards. If the officials find that the standards are not met during the project, it is stopped. 

As you plan to extend your home, it’s paramount that you ensure you follow the permitted planning and building processes. Think practically and have a proper budget in place. This again comes down to how experienced your contractor is. It helps more to have an expert who understands the processes and to have the results just like you planned.